Since launching this project as an idealistic 28-year old, I am frankly amazed at how far we have come. My heart is full of joy and gratitude to all of you who joined your spirit to this effort, and I want to give special thanks to you, and to a few who were most influential.

Mr. Godwin Agbeli

From 1988 until his passing in 1998, Godwin Kwasi Agbeli served Kopeyia with tremendous effort, skill and caring. He made great sacrifices to build this school and organize his community’s participation. We have all felt his absence, but Godwin’s memory has been my inspiration to press on. Many times I have felt his active spirit spurring ideas and moving events to help us overcome obstacles. Godwin’s rock-solid reliability and dedication are the foundation on which the Kopeyia School is built.


Elaine and Douglas Levin

I also owe a special thanks to Elaine and Douglas Levin, who raised me to appreciate education deeply, and taught by example as they helped people less fortunate in their every day life and work. When I came home from my first trip to Ghana and told them I wanted to build a school in Kopeyia, they thought I was crazy. Yet they helped me every step of the way. My parents’ spirit living in me moved me to initiate and carry through this project. Thank you Mom and Dad! Your positive model and unshakeable love and support are the foundation of my actions and achievements.

And to each of you who has donated and volunteered to help KGSF, thank you for trusting me with the resources you generously provided. Your gifts have enabled me to dig deep and aim high. You have supplied faith, backbone, courage and the strength to create an effective educational institution in a rural third-world village a continent away. You have all helped raise this seedling school in Kopeyia from its infancy. With your attention and care, it has grown mature and strong, and the roots of education reach meaningfully and brightly to every corner of Kopeyia. Nourishment awaits those who partake in the ripe fruit on every branch of this tree of life.

To you. To education. To life!

Robert Levin, KGSF President